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Lean Research Convening. MIT, August, 2014.
Lean Research Convening. MIT, August, 2014.

Learn more about the Lean Research approach and the principles of rigor, respect, relevance and right-size, through our guides, case studies, and publications


PDF icon Lean Research Framework. Introduces the Lean Research framework and principles and offers a set of questions to guide your research.

PDF icon Lean Research Field Guide Provides examples of how organizations from the Lean Research Community are applying the principles in practice.

Case Studies

PDF icon Lean Research Case Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) from Girl Effect

 PDF iconCambodian Scholarship Foundation (CASF)

Papers and other Publications

PDF icon Lean Research Working Paper. Describes the research experiences that motivated the initiative, provides more detail on the principles, and references related writings from others.

PDF iconA Client-Centric Approach: Impact Evaluation that Creates Value for Participants

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