D-Lab student-led radio-building workshop, Zambia.
D-Lab student-led radio-building workshop, Zambia.

“Impact is not just the product of innovation – it is the process of innovation.”
– Amy Smith, MIT D-Lab Founding Director


And the process of measuring our impact – on D-Lab students, on the communities around the world with which we work, on how research is carried in vulnerable communities, and much more – is something we take seriously.

MIT D-Lab has professionally trained, deeply experienced staff members who thoughtfully and systematically measure the impact of our work. Their approach to impact measurement is guided by three principles: integrity, learning, and participation. Read more about MIT D-Lab's approach to measuring impact.

Our impact goals

  • Better, more relevant products and services reach the users who need them
  • Expanded livelihood opportunities improve the incomes of people living in poverty
  • Engaged and creative communities take the lead in tackling new challenges
  • Vibrant, inclusive innovation ecosystems support new ideas at every level
  • Development, design, and academic programs tackle poverty challenges in a more participatory way


Laura Budzyna, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Manager