MIT D-Lab Courses

Take an MIT D-Lab class and become an effective agent of global change while at MIT and beyond! Through our suite of classes at MIT, students acquire competency in the participatory design process, understand and apply principles of engineering and design, engage in hands-on shop work, learn to think critically about theories of development, and obtain meaningful experiences in the field - all preparing you to continue socially and environmentally conscious work that addresses issues of global poverty. Many of our classes are cross-listed with other departments, and students from Wellesley, Harvard, Tufts, and other Boston-area schools may cross-register. Find out more about the MIT D-Lab Education Program!
EC.746J / 2.00C / 1.016J
Ari Epstein, Libby Hsu
MW3-4:30 (lecture), F3 (recitation)
11.025 / 11.472 (G) / EC.701 / EC.781 (G)