Kofi Taha

Associate Director



Kofi serves as Associate Director of MIT D-Lab and co-lead of Innovation Practice.

The primary focus of his work is developing and supporting asset-based approaches to community-driven livelihood and quality-of-life technology design. He has co-facilitated village-level trainings in Uganda, Tanzania and Haiti, worked with the Peace Corps to create appropriate technology centers in Zambia, and provided support to local innovation centers in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Botswana, Ghana and Kenya. Kofi was also part of a team that developed a Multicrop Thresher that is currently on the market in Tanzania.

He studied political economy at Columbia University, international development at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, is a 2020 doctoral candidate at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, and has been known to mention that he is from the Bronx, NY.