Jerome Arul

Instructor - D-Lab: Design

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Jerome Arul co-teaches D-Lab: Design. Jerome is an industrial designer with experience manufacturing in China, Southeast Asia and East Africa. Jerome managed engineering and product design at EcoZoom, a cookstove company based in Nairobi.

He helped scale-up production for Africa’s largest cookstove program (600,000 cookstoves to the poorest 30% of Rwandan households). He also worked on R&D for off-grid power, solar lights and water filtration. Previous to that, Jerome was an automotive designer developing the Mobius Two: Kenya’s first production vehicle. There are currently 50 vehicles roaming Nairobi.

Jerome also teaches Product Design and Development or 15.783 (also known as the MIT Studio at RISD), an interdisciplinary product development course with students and faculty from the MIT Sloan School of Business and School of Engineering, and RISD Industrial Design.

A proud Singaporean, Arul served as an operations officer in an armored engineer battalion in the Singapore Armed Forces. When he isn’t teaching, he makes things at proto-roboto: a small prototyping and fabrication shop in Providence RI.